Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Card 31 Wins!

Woke up this morning to many kind birthday wishes but the real question on everyone's mind, "did you win"?  Time to get scratching.
The other day, I went to see the cheesiest movie I could find for a friend date with the lovely Brenda Alvarez.  We saw Eat Pray Love.  It was actually pretty good.  Julia Roberts plays a travel writer who goes all over the world to find herself (nothing I could relate to of course:) ) but the best line in the movie?  She's in Italy and she tells the story of a guy who goes to pray to a statue every day, asking it "please let me win the lottery".  Finally one day the statue comes alive out of frustration to say "buy a ticket already!"

Well, if you plan to win the lottery, you've got to buy tickets, and I bought a bunch.
And at the very bottom of the stack we have today's card.  Number 31.  The birthday card.
Is it a winner?  YES!  Is it $20,000?  no.  only $2.  Bringing the total to $36.
I did say I was going to win the lottery for my birthday.  I didn't say how much.  I guess next time I should make my plans more specific!

Card 30 1/2 Winning in another state?

I got an awesome package in the mail today from Tracy, my travel buddy and bike and brew partner in crime.  It was for my birthday - you know, the one where I'm going to win the lottery?

What better present, than a chance to win the lottery not just in Washington, but in New York too!
It was interesting to scratch a different card, this one didn't have all the vowels in a row, no bonus word and it had a double prize letter!
 It looked pretty good half way in, I got the bonus G!
But in the end, New York was the state I was meant to win in.  Awesome present though!  Thanks Tracy!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Card 25-30 A quick recap

Tomorrow is the big day, so stayed tune to see how much I win for my birthday.  
In the meantime, winnings stand at $36.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Card 24 - how far would my winnings go in west africa?

After a bit of a rough streak, I decided to break out a real good luck charm... a Ghanaian Cedis coin.  What makes this coin special (besides that I picked it up in west africa of course) is how little its worth.  During my visit, a US dollar was worth close to 10,000 Cedis.  So this 100 Cedis coin was worth about 1 cent.    However, in 2007 the currency was revalued, they basically dropped 4 zeros and now the conversion is a little over 1 to 1 (but don't be mislead, Ghana's per capital income is about $1500/year).   This little coin?  Not worth anything, except luck.  So here we go:
(got to love a country that puts Freedom, Justice and chocolate on their coins)
And its a winner!  Four words equals two dollars.  $27 and counting!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Card 23 - Big money, big money...

OK, so that's 4 losing cards in a row.  No way this one can be too (at least not if the statistics on how many cards should be winners is correct).
And it's a winner!  Two dollars for four words! That brings the winnings to $25.  Hmmm...

Card 22 - puzzled

After the two card fiasco, I decided to go back to one at a time.
But I think I am a little distracted.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cards 20-21

How to do two scratch tickets at once:
Clear some puzzle pieces off of the table.
Be careful to scratch the letters corresponding to the right card (oops!).
Decide to always to one at a time going forward, because these were both LOSERS!